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Benefits of Hauling Our Loads

Join our team of 40,000 trusted carriers.

21 Day Pay Terms

Our 21-day pay terms and excellent credit demonstrate our commitment to financial integrity and reliability. Carriers can trust that they will receive payment within 21 days from the date of paperwork submission. Our goal is to foster strong relationships with our carriers so that they can have the peace of mind knowing that they will be paid on time, enabling them to focus on long-term success.

ACH Quickpay Options

For qualifying carriers, our ACH QuickPay options offer unmatched convenience and speed for financial transactions. Carriers receive secure, direct deposits into their bank accounts, eliminating paper checks and reducing processing times. This streamlined approach enhances cash flow management and minimizes administrative burdens.

Fast & Efficient Set-Up for Carriers

Our quick carrier set-up process provides carriers with a seamless onboarding experience, saving them time and simplifying the process. With a user-friendly online platform, carriers easily submit their information and required documents. Our dedicated team swiftly reviews and verifies submissions, expediting the approval process. Once approved, carriers gain access to our vast network of opportunities and can start booking loads promptly. Our commitment to efficiency ensures carriers can swiftly join our platform, focus on delivering goods efficiently and reliably, and start earning with minimal delays.

*All of the above is subject to carrier terms & conditions, carrier contracts and rate confirmations. 

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