Agent Program, Simply the Best!

MJN has the best freight broker agent program in the transportation industry. We work with potential freight agents to provide highly individualized compensation plans.

Our freight agent job opportunity is specifically designed with you in mind. With MJN you will get great compensation along with efficient software systems that will increase your efficiency so you can earn more money.

Agent Program Highlights
We are:
  • A company with the BEST agents in the industry.
    • We have extremely low agent turnover.
    • Once your're an agent with MJN you will never want to change companies again!
  • A debt free, financially sound and professional company.
  • A company with an exceptional credit rating.
  • A company with excellent back-end support, same day billing, and real-time reporting.
  • A company with an impeccable reputation in the industry.
    • We treat agents like the partners they are.
We are NOT :
  • Not going anywhere!
    • MJN is a place you can call your home for as long as you want to be in this business!
  • Not interested in any kind of misrepresentation.
  • Not going to "Blue Sky" you into signing with us.
    • This business is hard, and hard decisions must be made all of the time. We will always tell you how we see it. Trust that together we are going to make the right decision and move forward united.
We provide:
  • No territory restrictions.
  • Competitive individualized compensation.
  • An in-house developed load management system.
    • Sophisticated carrier monitoring systems.
    • Authority, insurance, and safety status electronically received directly from the FMCSA.
    • Free one-stop load posting
      • Internet Truckstop, Getloaded, Flying J and 40+ others.
    • Increased productivity & reduced paperwork.
  • 21 day payment terms to carriers.
  • Carrier quick-pay and trip advance programs.
  • Carriers setup and approved within minutes.
  • Prompt customer review and approval.
  • Professional claims resolution.
  • Comprehensive rate confirmations and contracts.
    • Eliminates ambiguity and reduces claims.
  • Weekly commission settlement.
    • Compensation deposited directly into your account.
    • Online comission reports and load tracking.
  • Professional promotional materials.
  • Equitable agent contracts with no non-compete language.
  • Bonuses to agents for assistance in recruiting.