Freight Agents, Welcome Home!

MJN Services, Inc. strives to ensure agents feel like they have a home with us. We treat you like a partner and work with you to make the best decisions to increase the strength of your business. We always to try do a little better than we promise.

Keys to Success
  1. Company you can trust.
  2. Fair and equitable compensation.
  3. Excellent credit.
  4. Professional tools and support.
  5. Hard work.
Take a look below to see how MJN measures up.
Agent Program

MJN has the best freight broker agent program in the transportation industry. We work with potential freight agents to provide highly individualized compensation plans.

Our freight agent job opportunity is specifically designed with you in mind. With MJN you will get great compensation along with efficient software systems that will increase your efficiency so you can earn more money.

Credit Worthiness

Credit Worthiness = EVERYTHING

Your only as good as your credit.

Check us out! We meet the highest standard. Rest assured, your carriers will want to do business with a proven company with EXCELLENT credit.

Agents, Come Join the MJN Team!

MJN Services, Inc. is a pioneering transportation brokerage company that has created a haven for freight agents, customers and carriers who are looking for a company who fulfills its commitments.

We believe in the business of old where the things you say mean something. With MJN you will find that we do what we say and then we always try and to go beyond that mark.